The world is changing by the day and it is the people that can adapt that will get to the next level. The Institute of Purchasing and Marketing Consultants, Nigeria is a challenge created to help professionals seize opportunities with entrepreneurial vision.

The Nigeria economy is declining largely due to massive importation of counterfeit products, piracy, high cost of transportation, ports congestion, high cost of energy and above all unethical attitude of the majority of our businessmen and women. Most of them that are suppliers of materials and contractors to industries and governmental organisations lack sincerity and entrepreneurial leadership.

Many distributors of a lot of items ranging from patent medicines, electrical generating plants, handsets, motor spare parts, wristwatches and fuel they all market fake products.

Many jump from one type of business to another because of lack of entrepreneurial leadership.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership is a way of thinking and acting to create long lasting opportunities. Being a purchasing consultant (vendor/ supplier), Marketing consultant (distributor/sales promoter), Logistics consultants (clearing agent/ transporter) is the hallmark of entrepreneurship and economic independence for our graduates. As the world is becoming smaller day by day due to the increasing pace of technological advancement, we cannot afford to be complacent. Nigeria needs enlightened and refined business men and women to take over from the economy strangulators calling themselves business tycoons.

Ordinarily, buying and selling is one of the pillars of wealth but we at INPUMAC are out to develop visionaries that can tap global opportunities scientifically and blend purchasing and marketing to take buying and selling of tangible products and services to the next level. The Institute is not about doing old things in new ways, but about exploiting new technology in all its forms. Our members are inducted to have a global mindset based on eagerness to discover new worlds, on the believe that diversity in entrepreneurship is a source of riches.



A lot of distributors of a lot of items ranging from patent medicines, electrical generating plants, handsets, motor spare parts, wristwatches, fuel they all depend on substandard products and are making huge amount of money aiming at becoming millionaires or billionaires.
Virtually every market is full of substandard, adulterated and pirated products. From Aba to Onitsha; Enugu to Idumota; Alaba to Ikeja you see varieties of wares on display in the market places. They are radiant and appear original with their logos purported to have been stamped on them from abroad, where they were expected to have been imported from.

When Nigerian people go to the market in search of items like handset, wrist watch or laptop, if care is not taken, one will end up buying pirated items and unexpectedly within a short time the item will disappoint due to failure to perform. The bad effect of this is:  no value derived for money expended. This is nothing but systematic theft on the part of the traders and it borders on sin. In the country, the meager incomes of the generality of the poor consumers are wasted on the same item they are forced to buy repeatedly.

Coming to patient medicine, very many fake drugs are in the chemists shops in cities throughout the country. Fake drugs have been responsible for uncountable number of untimely death of infants and adults in the country. The situation has not abated despite intervention of the Government. The bad eggs in drug business in our society are our enemies. They have been facilitating gradual death of the consumers of their medicines and collecting their monies. Invariably, it is like making our people to pay for their death.


Some Examples

(1) On a regular basis the local and international media is awashed of shameful news about the people who dominate the Nigerian markets and the horrible business environment they create.  The Guardian issue of Wednesday March 29, 2017 page 13in it there is a caption: Police arrest suspected fake tyre vendor at Ladipo Spare part Market. According to the report “The Lagos State Police Command has arrested two men, who allegedly specialize in changing the expiry date of used vehicle tyres, engine and chasis numbers. The men who claim to be traders at the popular Ladipo Spare parts Market Mushin, were arrested while changing the expiry date of dozens of used tyres inside the market.

The Guardian learnt one of the suspect, Samuel Obi, aged 19, sells tyres, but Izuchukwu Iwueze, 25, is the one who specializes in changing the expiring date of such tyres delivered to him by Obi with a machine acquired for the dirty job……”

(2) Similarly see New Telegraph of Thursday March 9, 2017 page 9 “Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) yesterday sued two Chinese, Taolung Shen and Xu Jimg Yao, before the Federal High Court Lagos, presided over by Justice Mojisola Olatoregun, on charges bordering on importation of fake tyres. Shen (36) and Yao (22) were charged  alongside a Nigerian Chinedu  Madubike and ……”.

(3) Again Punch issue of Thursday March 30, 2017 page 9 there is a report – SON impounds fake China products in Anambra “The standard organization of Nigeria on Wednesday confiscated fake electric cables worth over 100 million naira in Obosi  Community of Idemili-North Local Government Area of Anambra State.The fake products were suspected to be shipped into the country from China…. Some of the products were distributed to marketers in Onitsha and its environs…… and the SON team, confiscated a special escort motor bike with police siren marked PY250 found in the store.

“The merchant of the fake cables, Mr Kenneth Adaka, was not in the shop at the electrical part market…..”

(4) Another similar case was reported in Punch, Wednesday February 15, 2017 page 40 “Film censors board destroys illegal movies worth N10m” and on page 31 of the Punch issue of Monday, October 17, 2016 “FG to stop sale of substandard vehicles, parts” According to the report “The National  Automotive Design and Development Council has said it will take necessary steps to combat the sale of substandard vehicles and fake auto parts across the country…. The implication of the failure of such substandard safety parts in vehicles is often very severe, leading in some case to road crashes that could cause lost of lives, and not just to the vehicle owner/driver, but also to other road users”.

(5) Another issue under crime and security in the Nigeria Tribune issue of December 23, 2016 page 7 there is a caption “Yuletide: 119 bags of plastic rice in circulation-customs” “The Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone A of the Nigerian Customs services has warned Nigerians ahead of the yuletide that 119 bags of plastic rice have already left the warehouse where 102 bags of the commodity were recently seized.......  after thorough interrogation, the suspect told us that all the bags of rice in the warehouse were initially 221. He then said he had  sold 119 bags before he was arrested..... we will just like to pass this information across as a warning that people should be careful with the kind of rice they consume this yultide..... But we are very sure those rice are in the homes of some unsuspecting Nigerians.....”

(6) Coming to pirating of video CD and music disk see punch September 17, 2016 page 33. Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo) “….As I said, some actors are being fed by their wives. A big marketer in the industry told me when he wanted to release a Yoruba movie, some Ig-o boys in Alaba told him to settle the pirates so they don’t pirate his movie. That is happening a lawful society. My parents were farmers and I have started the process of going into farm” Ogogo said’   

(7) Coming to spare parts according to Punch December 31st, 2014 page 46 under the caption: Beware! That Tokumbo Spare part may been recycled. “With crude techniques, the dealers rework unserviceable automobile metals and pass them on as fairly-used (popularly known as tokunbo) components. Investigation shows that reworked scraps constitute, at least, 80 per cent of the parts now sold at the market, thereby clouding out valuable products... At Ladipo, arguably one of the largest of its kind in Africa hundreds of young boys eke out a living by converting through tortuous processes, completely knocked down component to spare parts… Kasim Ayodele said he relocated to Lagos State from Ondo State where he worked with his late diesel mechanic father…. “I joined my friend who was a mechanic at Ojuelegba. But we had a disagreement after two months. That was what informed my coming to Ladipo”.

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“Hakeem Oshofa…. In short, he never has a stint in automobile repair before coming to Ladipo. Yet, his lack of relevant experience could not deter him from going into the most delicate system in automobile-brake components. And on a daily basis, droves of auto parts traders flock around him to have their problems fixed…. At Ladipo, there may not be anything like useless parts, anymore what motorists or mechanics dispose of are picked, dusted and taken to workshop to be refurbished”. According to Clement Uzor, a trader in the market, the problem has got to a point when a component is recycled three, or more times in a year…. “A mechanic who sells a condemned shock absorber for N1,000 and will come back after it has been regassed to buy it for N5,000. Some of them know what they are buying but go ahead because they are not the one that will use them” Uzor observed. “Narrating his ordeal, Simon Adeleye, a middle –aged lawyer, recalled the frustration he suffered following the purchase of his Volkswagen Passat early this year. Unknown to him, the gear box and the rear shock-absorber of the car were bad. This effort to replace them marked the beginning if his woes. “….I have changed the gear box trice yet no improvement. Now, I don’t know exactly what to do. Somebody told me recently that I could use GOLF 3 to rework it since it is cheaper. My challenge is not the cost but getting a good one….” Other traders like Harnison Emeka, Chibuzor Chigozie and Onyeka Igwe made useful contribution. It is unfortunate that those who gatecrash into Nigerian markets and dominate businesses largely lack entrepreneurial leadership. All they are after is to make money and become millionaires and flaunt their wealth at young age. While others are operating within the ambit of the law, they on their own hate decorum. They lack business ethnics. The most unfortunate thing is that our meager foreign reserve is being wasted on importation of fake products by our “business tycoons” in the country. No wonder the demand for dollars and other foreign currencies is high at prohibitive exchange rate. They are adding to Nigeria problems in no small ways.

Nigerian must move away from this position. Our country needs refined and enlighten business men and women to take over from the economy strangulators posing as business men. They are systematically ruthless and dangerous. They have contributed seriously to our woes locally and abroad. They damage our image abroad.
Apart from importation of fake products into the country, exportation of substandard products and hard drugs have further given us bad image outside the country. See Saturday Telegraph, August 13, 2016 page 11under the caption Revealed: How Cambodia arrested eight Nigerians for drug trafficking. “Fresh facts emerged yesterday on how eight Nigerians alongside their  Cambodian woman accomplice were arrested and put on trial by the Anti-Drug Unit of the 9th Intervention police office in the ministry of interior in Cambodia…The antidrug unit name the nine suspects as Okorom Nhabu Favor (36), Izuchukwu Chuwuma (40), Namezie Victor (30), Simon Maduka Ukadu (45), Sunday Nwabusi (31), Okorom Kizito Chimedu (35), Francis Nnamedi (30), Tony Mmaduka Chukwuonye (34) while Mon Vinyung (31), was the Cambodian woman…. Captain Proeung Pheap, alleged the group was using a Nigeria church, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) as a front for drug ring, hiding their identities and trafficking under the guise of missionary work”

Another serious issue was reported in the Punch issue of October 26, 2016 Page 4 under the caption “Granpa held for producing fake dollars worth N3m” the Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 60-year-old man, Highsent Nwogu, for allegedly producing dollar worth N3m and defrauding residents of the Ogba area. Nwogu a father of five children and grandfather of three, told PUNCH Metro that he ventured into the ‘washing’ of fake dollars to make ends meet…. It was gathered that a victim of the suspect, identified as Hellen Olajide, who was defrauded about N1.95m reported the matter at the Area G command, Ogba…. I want the government to forgive me….”
Now, INPUMAC wants Nigeria to move away from this kind of situation.

The Institute of Purchasing and Marketing Consultants (INPUMAC) is out to blend theory and practice in Purchasing, Marketing, Industrial/ Commercial Logistics, to create a unique platform for superior business development. Members seeking employment opportunities as Purchasing managers, Marketing managers, Clearing officers and Logistic/ Transport officers will find our training programme valuable.

Those planning to develop their own businesses will be inducted to understand the process of exploitation of calculated opportunities with business excellence. This is unlike the crude people parading themselves as business men and business tycoons while damaging our image. The crude businessmen in the country lack the knowledge to appreciate contemporary philosophical, theoretical issues and controversies which underlie businesses. The Institute of Purchasing and Marketing Consultants is out to build superior business professional men and women that will appreciate business ethics, business excellence and proper checks and balances between them and different stakeholders. They will not import fake drugs to the country. They will not distribute adulterated fuel to damaged vehicle and equipment in the country. We are creating new boundaries for the disciplined educated entrepreneurs in the country.

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