The Institute of Purchasing and Marketing Consultants is now creating new boundaries. Nigeria needs disciplined educated entrepreneurs. How can we allow dangerous  people foist themselves on the entire society in the name of business? At all the places, more than eighty percent   of monetize economy is controlled by them and this is to the detriment of millions of decent and innocent people of Nigeria.

  • To cultivate the entrepreneurial ability and innovative spirit of members to enable them get equipped to achieve their full potentials through training and retraining.
  • To institutionalize and advance business excellence in Nigeria.
  • To integrate Academic theories of Purchasing and Supply, Marketing, Business Administration and Project Management with real-world application in consultancy practices.
  • To identify, promote and support legitimate manufacturers of variety of goods, motor vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories importers of goods and equipments in Nigeria and other countries in Europe, Americas, Asia, & others.
  • To celebrate role models in Businesses, Public Procurement and Marketing of genuine products and services with awards and make them serve as illuminating beacons of hope in Nigeria.